Blank Label Template


1) For our blank template, if you dont have a program to use for it, we suggest going to to create your designs. 

2) We also have templates for Photoshop and Illustrator. 
NOTE: If you do not have Photoshop, you can use this free software with our psd files,

3) THERE ARE TIPS FOR PRINTING & HELPING IF YOU HAVE INK SMEARING - Scroll down below templates to read

- Photoshop
- Illustrator



    Before you print, make sure in your printer property settings that the correct paper is selected. Please select either a glossy paper, a label or cardstock setting. If you are able to select a speed, please make sure its on a high speed. We know that on Epson printers, you should select the high speed setting or if will lay down too much ink if that is unchecked.

    If you're experiencing ink smearing, the ink may not be drying completely because the standard print settings are too high, causing over-saturation of the label paper.

    A common solution is to reduce the quality setting. Open the printer dialog box and select "Properties" or "Preferences." Look for the "Print/Quality" tab or the "Quality/Print Quality" option. From there, you can select a lower dpi or make a quality adjustment.

    For black ink in particular, selecting the "Print as Image" box in the print dialog pop-up may help. 

    If you are going to use it on a Laser Printer - We suggest only printing up to 10 at a time. Laser Printers heat up so you do not want to damage it.

    We strongly suggest that you print a sample of your project on plain paper to make sure it prints the way you envisioned the project to print. Then take that sample print out and hold it up to the light with the paper template and double check that the alignment is correct. In some cases a slight calibration is needed. This step will eliminate the waste of any labels.

    Make sure borderless printing is either turned off or not selected