Affiliate Program

We're reaching out to inform you of some significant changes happening at Neato Labels that affect our affiliate program.

Transition to Amazon & Discontinuation of Affiliate Program:

Starting July 1st, Neato Labels will be transitioning our e-commerce operations to Amazon exclusively and discontinuing our Shopify storefront. Consequently, the Neato Labels affiliate program will officially end on June 30th.

The decision to transition to Amazon was made with our customers' best interests in mind. Here are a few reasons why we believe this move will be beneficial:

  1. Reliable Delivery: With Amazon's vast delivery network, our customers will receive their Neato Labels products quickly and reliably.
  2. One-Stop Shopping: Shopping for Neato Labels products will now be even more convenient as our customers can make purchases while also buying their other needs on Amazon.
  3. Superior Customer Service: Amazon's customer service is renowned for its efficiency and reliability, providing our customers with prompt and effective solutions.

Next Steps for Our Affiliates:

While we are ending the Neato Labels affiliate program, we still value the relationships we've built with our affiliates and want to provide you with an opportunity to continue working with us.

We encourage you to join the Amazon Affiliate Program where you can promote Neato Labels products and earn commission. You can sign up via the following link:

Contact Us:

We understand that this is a significant shift, and you may have questions or concerns. If you do, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at or message us on Instagram.

We are immensely grateful for the work you've done as part of our affiliate program and hope to maintain our relationship as we move forward with this transition.

Thank you for your understanding during this period of change.

Best Regards,

Neato Labels